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This station is put an end to release false and secondhand car information

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Go up in the net in view of most person diffuse is false, con etc disloyalTwo handcart sell information (for instance, the brand-new car of ten tens of thousands of yuanCan buy) , this station puts an end to the existence of this kind of information stoutly, strictGuard a pass, strict examine and verify sells each times in what this station releases and beg buy information, once discover, delete stoutly.

The picture that all two handcart inside this station sell information by this stationThe staff member films, after passing preliminary examine and verify, just give release, pleaseBeg of purpose buying be at ease choose and buy, need sees car or valuator, can straightReceive contact with Miss Wu.

Connect a telephone call: 13809659643

Contact QQ: 331803 (river east lion)

Shan head city is secondhand the car trades center


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