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This station consignment is secondhand car notice! ! !

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This station consignment is secondhand car notice! ! !

For station of compasses model for painting two handcart information is released, put an end to illegal trade to release empty

False, bilk, theft, wait for two handcart information without card without the card. Inside this station

All two handcart offer information picture by this station the staff member is filmed,

After passing preliminary examine and verify, just give release, beg of purpose please buying putHeart

Choose and buy. If need to be in this website consignment is secondhand car, please direct with Miss Wu

Connection, connect a telephone call: 13809659643. We can send person specially assigned for a task to arrive

You appoint a place to take a picture and know car news for car, or drive the car

Appoint a place to undertake taking a picture to us. All cars after passing examine and verify

, besides undertake issuance in this station outside, return synchronism to be in Shan head information

Harbor is secondhand the car trades market Www.st.gd.cn and net of Beijing of Shan head E

Www.ezeem.com undertakes issuance, make E capital likely 10 big

One of popular literary workses. Many thanks cooperates!

Shan head is secondhand car network


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