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Broad car advocate should rise actively to oil price

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Of oil price rise again allow broad car advocate especially vehicle of illicit home car advocate increased not little economy pressure. So, of oil price rose what to influence bring to gens there is a car after all? How do they answer oil price to shoot up again? The reporter undertook investigating interviewing to this.

   Reduce a travel

Accept when interviewing, mr Wang combined his circumstance to calculate brushstroke Zhang to the reporter. The illicit home car of Mr Wang discharges a quantity to be 1 . 6 L, 100 kilometers oily bad news 8 litres, lunar travel course of development makes an appointment with 2000 kilometer, every rise 93 gasoline 4. 65 yuan when lunar oil expends defray to be 744 yuan, 93 benzine go up to 5. 7 yuan when the oily defray that expend a month is 811 yuan, much defray of every months of need after oil price rises 67 yuan. "Want to save oil, best method reduces a travel number namely. " Mr Wang says.

"Oil price went up again, although say,be 4 wool only much money sounds not tall, but a few years time comes down, oil price bit by bit rises 2 yuan or so to climb 5 yuan from every. " face a few years to come oil price rises again and again, car advocate Mr Liu deep feeling says, "It is easier and easier to buy a car, it is more and more difficult however to can raise a car. " he expresses, had continued to rise to oil price in his heart had anticipate adequately, but because business need is little not car, he can drive through decreasing only give a frequency to achieve an oily goal. He laughs say, such doing also be those who answer a government to advocate " encourage buy car, limitation to use a car " industrial policy.

   The consideration transfers

Trade in two handcart on the market, the reporter encountered what selling love car Mr Zhang, he says, he likes go on a tour very much, feel cross-country to the car suits him quite, a 4 drive cross-country car was bought two years ago. But left two years, discover this car is in the urban district the oily bad news of travel is too big, and of oil price rise to also made his without foundation much give a large sum of pay continuously, this lets him very have a headache. He decides to sell the car finally, buy a small platoon that saves oil quite to measure a car again.

Like Mr Zhang such circumstance is in minority is absent on today's two handcart market, "Oil price rose to bring an influence to car city, especially the car of car of high oily cost advocate transfer in succession. " a two handcart dealer shows when accepting a reporter to interview.

   Fall mark province is oily

"Use 97 gas, I am added previously full one box oil needs 200 yuan or so only, need adds 220 yuan or so now. " rise in price to this, car advocate Ms. Zhu expresses helplessly must " grievance is subdued " love car, those who drop love car " grain ration " standard, "Cheer later be forced to add 93 benzine to the car, can save is. " in notice via reporter of 3 gas station, vehicles of many illicit home car advocate after seeing the oil price after going up, original plan adds 97 petrolic cars advocate change in succession add 93 benzine. (see yuan of advantage)
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