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Not excessive maintain does the love car that allows you suffer from on " is ric

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Not excessive maintain does the love car that allows you suffer from on " is riches and honour ill " ?

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Diligent maintain differ to maintain at meeting, excessive impertinent perhaps care has fruit of effectiveness for a given period of time to just get its to turn over, this also is why to maintain attentively the more, love a car however the more " prematurely senile " main reason. A few days ago, entrust Zhejiang to repair an investigation discovery that the net has quickly by our newspaper, woman car advocate because be lacked to car knowledge, add cherish car, than male car advocate be opposite more easily traffic is excessive maintain.

The result shows, restrict half woman car advocate the car to oneself " favorite " excessive.

Additionally we return discovery, excessive heat car, car giving love eats all sorts of " tonic " etc, make your love car suffers from easily on " riches and honour is ill " .

Woman car advocate easier and excessive maintain

When Zhao Xiaoqun buys a car to already had more than two years, her small POIO often is bright sparkle. Everyday, after she sends a daughter to the school, be the first comes to the unit almost, because had not gone to work, she can open mothball box, take out pail and brush cloth, her love car is washed before going to work. But not long ago, she seals the accused when glair to know to hairdressing inn, her car Qi Yiming shows ageing, car of 2 years old is equivalent to 45 years old, zhao Xiaoqun is regretful.

As we have learned, bathe like people too frequent, can cause the skin dry, ageing, love car is diligent " bathe " also be same argument. If wash a car overmuch, car lacquer is easy " premature senility " . Wash the lacquer of silt cut car of the dishcloth carry secretly that the car uses, it is one of reasons. In the discovery in investigation, have half woman car about advocate easy and excessive maintain, wash car frequency especially, they are in on average twice every week above.

Remind: Car advocate a feather duster can be put in mothball compartment, dirt having a place is solved with it, can reduce the number that washs a car greatly so. And feather duster accumulates silt not easily, want to notice slightly only when whisk is grey, can avoid cut paint.

Too much " cordial " be just the opposite to what one wished

Not long ago, bark gentleman hears the atomizer clear lotion of some brand is first-rate, went buying a bottle to join gasoline tank. Who knows, his car did not feel motive force is powerful, engine appears to shake when be being started instead, maintaining inn to say is that bottle " cordial " the disaster that cause. Many cars advocate think to love the car is used " cordial " always be beneficial and harmless, who knows, used " cordial " hind, love a car instead " toxic " . A lot of so-called additive of the fuel that can escalate oily cost of motivation, bring down, engine oil, not only the vaunting function in doing not have advertisement, meet instead of aggravate engine wear away.
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