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Car of Hua Chen 1.8T is wonderful deduce " high-tech, intelligence to change, hu

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  Car of Hua Chen 1.8T is wonderful deduce " high-tech, intelligence to change, human nature is changed "

On March 18, the 1.8T China car that holds in people congress hall appears on the market on the news briefing, president of China morning car holds president Qi Yumin concurrently to lead Hua Chen to lead group read out " Hua Chen car is own and enunciative " (the following abbreviation " enunciative " ) , oath will be carried case promote old standard of ethical auto industry, offer for Chinese consumer can afford, car of uses well own brand high-quality goods, lead the high-quality goods of Chinese car life times.

" enunciative " in, hua Chen makes clear importunate of one of be linked together again " high starting point innovates independently " development train of thought, broke own brand to be able to start from low end only " market iron rule " .

Hua Chen did not forget to be opposite as an enterprise citizen while oneself develops the society, responsibility to the country, be in " enunciative " in, hua Chenming puts forward to fulfil one's duty truly responsible perform the social duty of enterprise citizen, service at harmonious society. What Hua Chen offers for the society is " hi-tech, high environmental protection, feebleminded bad news " car of safe, green, high-quality goods, those who advocate is the viewpoint of value of view of a kind of scientific progress and benefit country, benefit civilian.

Front of 1.8T China car

Additional, in ceremonially, china morning car also rolls out car of China of 1.8T of the product below the banner.

Sell like hot cakes, China still lasts to make best-selling own brand up to now since appearing on the market from nimble of China fine horse intermediate car, come here second home only " car heart an organic whole " " own brand the first T " -- 1.8T China appears on the market successfully, china makes the own brand with technical top level again, hua Chen already began to burst forth the tremendous energy that high starting point innovates independently.

The cent of 1.8T China car that appears on the market this is honour gallop, fine horse nimble two old series, each have a hand to move standard type, hand comfortable model, the hand is moved luxurious model, automatic and luxurious model wait for much money model, price is in xx10000 yuan to xx10000 yuan between. Because 1.8T China car uses volume in the round small, motivation the engine of turbine pressure boost with strong, low noise, its function is equivalent to natural and inspiratory 2.5L discharging the car that measure level, have energy-saving environmental protection, reliability at the same time advanced and a lot of advantage. 1.8T China is used by world-class major manufacturer ZF company is developed, the automatic transmission that is gotten on in limousine car of domestic and international well-known trademark by equipment, transmission efficiency and match a gender expression is perfect. 1.8T China is wonderful deduce " high-tech, intelligence is changed, human nature is changed " design thought, system of project of act the role ofing of inside and outside, man-machine, sound, air conditioning system reflect humanitarian consideration everywhere, creat piece exalted, comfortable drive by the experience.
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