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Contract of two handcart business publishs the whole nation to carry out

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Contract of two handcart business publishs the whole nation to carry out

Recently, reporter from Gansu Province two handcart trade the market learns, by the country industrial and commercial total bureau is announced formally " contract of two handcart business " (demonstrative text) , will push exercise to use inside countrywide limits. Demonstrative text makes clear a regulation: The car information that if sell a car the person,provides is truthless, before trading according to both sides, sign " contract of two handcart business " , the person that buy a car has authority to ask the bargainor recoups a loss. The reporter understands when be interviewed subsequently, once demonstrative text is released, got consumer and the general welcome of two handcart markets.
Yesterday, reporter in Gansu Province two handcart trade the understanding when the market is interviewed arrives, for better civilian benefit civilian service, lanzhou city industrial and commercial bureau market control market of car of 2 substation motor-driven is industrial and commercial place will enter two handcart of Gansu Province to trade on November 5 the market, they in Gansu Province spot of two handcart market handles official bussiness, provide the most convenient and active service for two handcart buyers and sellers.
in Gansu Province two handcart trade Mr Liu that the market sees a car tells a reporter, because he is not special,know a car, the afraidest problem when buying two handcart so fears to buy namely " problem car " and " accident car " . "A contract is signed before buyers and sellers trades, write clearly in black and white, once appear the problem is unapt also go disputing over trifles with broker company. " need to sign to buying two handcart " contract of two handcart business " practice, mr Liu thinks to be worth to advocate and be popularized very much.
Gansu Province is secondhand the car trades the Zhao Zong of the market expresses, " contract model of two handcart buying and selling " came on stage to provide more safeguard to consumer rights and interests, at the same time effectively blow conceals car condition to fry the businessman that sells two handcart, safeguarded the fair competition environment of two handcart market. Through carrying out, the sincere letter problem that two handcart trade to defeat solution the hardest be readily solved, this is helpful for protecting the rights and interests of purchaser not only, more driving an industry to walk along standardization, realize the benign loop of two handcart industry. Yuan Ming

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