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Who is making two handcart the first brand?

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Who is making two handcart the first brand?

As new " two hand wagon flow open administrative way " come on stage, two handcart market of China already entered a brand-new period. The management mode of mood of onefold in the past market trade market cannot have satisfied the requirement of consumer, two handcart market is growing to healthy, orderly direction. Especially the brand is managed, the occurrence of a variety of sale means such as auction, corporeal market, becoming the right-about-face of two handcart market. Especially the operation that because its have a standard,the brand runs, perfect after service system and good credit safeguard, enough satisfies consumer to buy be at ease the main demand of two handcart, will become the main pattern that two handcart will trade henceforth accordingly.

Retain as the market the car manufacturer with the largest amount -- Shanghai masses suitable from time to time stands, enter town with high starting point, took the lead in rolling out the first two handcart brand of domestic 2002 -- " choose two handcart especially " . In these 4 years, shanghai masses developed a manufacturer adequately to be on professional technology, normative flow, after service and capital investment advantaged advantage, from go up at all the management intention that changed two handcart, establish its competition dominant position with professional service, created a brand that makes a client trustful.

Shanghai masses chose two handcart to include to evaluate especially buy, the business such as new car of attestation sale, displacement, after service. Agency of first 100 Shanghai public that acquires accredit according to Shanghai masses formulate, 36 professional technologies of countrywide uniform standard detect, offer a fairness, just, transparent appraisal way for consumer, pass one-stop the service offers safe, convenient new car replacement and old car for the client marketing; And buy the two handcart that come in to be after the car hyperplasia service with pass agency regular, can offer customer with picking the quality standard of two handcart especially, its are mid the Kuang Liang that distribute a car is good choose two handcart to be in 128 certificate of quality and 7 kinds of big when enjoy Shanghai masses Yan Ke former plants especially after sterling fittings and professional car rebuild, still can get 1 year / 10 thousand kilometer. In addition Shanghai masses is the measure that rolled out other to have distinguishing feature each more, for example the safeguard of the sells means, of all kinds model replacement program of advisory type, diversiform banking service and after service network. All these the two handcart that body of all without exception reveals a brand to change run mode. Www.hdscar.com

In recent years, contend for as what other car produces manufacturer begin two handcart professional work, the brand is secondhand of the car manage also appeared the situation of contend for hegemony of a large number of heroes. Make two handcart of domestic as aspire the achievement that the Shanghai masses of the first brand did not wallow in the past, develop actively however, ceaseless derive succeeds domestic and internationally experience, in an attempt to continues to get run. By 2005, shanghai masses is integrated all service products below the banner, rolled out " Shanghai masses Techcare " service brand. Among them " choose two handcart especially " sale of the after service of business and Shanghai masses ace, gold, car advocate the club upgrade along with all the others make product of 6 big mainstay. This is not simple business conformity, mean however " choose two handcart especially " can make full use of the resource advantage of product of service of Shanghai masses other, promote oneself brand image, continue to get run domestic brand is secondhand car business.
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