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Small platoon measuring two handcarts is better than new car sell

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Small platoon measuring two handcarts is better than new car it is difficult to sell abstruse develop QQ one car beg

23 month gather together like all sorts of new car like a swarm of bees appear on the market, make of new recently car trade prices goes low successively, consumer throws all enthusiasm in the expectation to new car almost. However, the two handcart market that such situation makes however is not leading role originally becomes burning hot rise. "A lot of having demand fears the person that waits not to have new car buys two handcart now again. " a senior agent tells market of Beijing old motor vehicle the reporter.

  III helps new car nation push old car to warm up

"Almost everyday new car appears on the market now, old model also is to keep depreciating, who dare still buy new car, come now the person half above of the market is to see two handcart. " in an administrator tells couplet car market the reporter so. In addition, country of III standard carry out the development that also drove two handcart market on certain level, as a result of " country III standard " those who carry out is " new car new measure, Laoche old way " , because this is right,two handcart whole won't produce too big effect. And because cannot amount to mark,have many new cars and sale be prohibitinged, there is very big demand all the time in new car market like the model such as Pulima, SPARK, QQ, because do not have,cannot sell however, below the circumstance that the model that amount to mark reachs the designated position to have period of time even, this part purchasing power released two handcart market.

Market of old car of the couplet in the basis sells statistic, the proportion that QQ of 3 Xiali, abstruse develop, strange luck held to take total sales volume in selling before 10 achieved 24 % . Www.hdscar.com

  Small platoon measures old car to sing leading role

Small sales volume that measures two handcart appeared recently piece counter situation bullish tendency, the price not only the influence that was not reduced by new car, rise somewhat instead, for example the market price with abstruse current develop is in the carburettor 1998 on average 1 . 70 thousand to 1 . 90 thousand yuan, 500 yuan or so taller than two months premise.

In addition, small reserve that estimates two handcart has some of temporary shortage, market staff member tells a reporter: "The small now car that discharge an amount became rare matter, drive up buys valence to be bought very hard, who the store up in the hand is worn now goods, who is appropriate. " stock falls, demand increases, certainly will drives those who buy the price to rise, from which contest of market of couplet old car sells the office to understand, like the electric gush 2000 abstruse develop contest sells clinch a deal valence can be achieved 2. 30 thousand yuan. The expert inside course of study is forecasted, small value that estimates two handcart will go high continuously, become the protagonist of two handcart market. Www.hdscar.com
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