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China will greet " to transfer times " , transferred 2008 height year

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China will greet " to transfer times " , transferred 2008 height year

 Car replacement enters overall growth period

2008, the 6th peak that our country will enter illicit car to consume year. According to new car the 3 rules that change to 5 years, will one is center this year to the car 2005 batch 2002 enter change period, large-scale transfer will bring unprecedented opportunity to two handcart displacement and sale. Accordingly, be opposite what the car consumed 2008 is qualitative in, transfer to also become the most outstanding keyword.

  The 3 cars that reach 5 years old will withdraw house second line

Consume the rule according to the car of the developed country, after a new car leaves, entered change period, because the car consumption of our country is in development period, because the service life of the first car can be lengthened somewhat, the 3 cars that reach 5 years old will become the main force that is changed, came 2002 from our country blowout of illicit car consumption calculated 2003 case, to as it happens experienced an use cycle 2008.

2002, our country private car retains the quantity is 9.69 million, to 2005 the end of the year, rush to reach 18.52 million high, to 2006 the end of the year, private car achieves 23.33 million, 4 years the compound increase rate between is achieved 25% . This ten million the much in the car withdrew house second line possibly 2008.

What transfer centrally is augural had appeared 2007, last week, come from Beijing old motor vehicle to trade the newest data of the market shows, before sales volume a few nimble is amounted to, after a particular year of the two handcart such as Shanghai current model, Xiali has been reached to 2002 centrally, two handcart are strange luck centrally 2003, the fixed number of year of high-grade car shortens apparently, run quickly middleaged portion has replaced the part of two handcart 2006. The expert points out, come nearly two years, of domestic car brand change and of new fund model roll out pace faster and faster, to in the youth gives priority to force have car a group of things with common features and character, transfer in time to had made inevitable choice.

An investigation that makes at the beginning of new Hua Xinnian also showed customer transfer intent, the informant that has 40.3% thinks, the opportunity transfers for first-rate when car is being used, the informant of 71.2% will transfer periodic lock is in surely 3 to 5 years inside. Everything is in bodeful, 2008 will be our country transfers the first times height year.

  The brand is secondhand car replacement will be arisen

Transfer the arrival of the height brings the replacement market that gives new old car all-time opportunity. Begin from 2004, joint-stock manufacturer enters domestic mainstream in succession the brand is secondhand car market, in the dealer of more than 15 thousand car that puts on record at present, the agency of 40% has department of two handcart brand, 15% had begun two handcart professional work to the agency of 20% .
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