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Car prices used car to build hypermarkets in the country

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October 28, SAIC industrial sales, General Motors and Shanghai GM in Shanghai completed a masterpiece of domestic second-hand car industry! Three 35 million yuan joint venture set up the first national used car management Company - Shanghai Cheng used cars operation and management of the new company, Shanghai GM, the new company will rely on "Honesty new used car" brand in the growing car prices used car industry started in the business and investment, and in the country next year Completion of four used car supermarkets in the next 5 years into 20 second-hand car store! ● begin to have second-hand car business investment function "We really is the first operating company set up the car used car prices." At the conference site, for many years responsible for Shanghai GM "Honesty new used car," the brand manager, said Wang Jing, Cheng new used car to run 8 years, Has become the brand integrity of the highest car prices used car brand, the establishment of the tripartite management of the company will largely rely on "honesty new used car" brand, first introduced in the national model used car supermarkets. Previously, Shanghai GM "Honesty new used car" dealers who rely on over resources in Tianjin, Beijing tried to establish a "used car stores", 4S shop around to carry out multi-brand used-car business, but due to limited resources Used car industry of natural causes, the model does not bring about unexpected results. The establishment of a new used car joint venture, Prudential, from the operation and management standardization. In accordance with business planning, Beijing, Yangtze River Delta , Pearl River Delta, Shandong and other economically developed areas will be the pilot areas of priority supermarkets. The new company will build four next year, used car supermarkets in the next 5 years will be expanded to 20. Shanghai Cheng New Used Car Ding Lei, chairman of the management company, said: "The new company will have the dual function of operating and investment. Next year, we not only used car dealer implant model, but also will begin to dealers To carry out second-hand car investment to help build used-car dealer stores. "At present, Shanghai GM, a new second-hand cars Cheng 400 authorized dealers across the country. ● What kind of used car hypermarkets? Talking about what the future used car supermarkets? Ding Lei said: "The future of hypermarkets in the country completed, will integrate the new car replacement, second-hand car trading, the brand used car sales and other models. In addition, we may also Angelina auction using the resources of SAIC, implanted in the used-car used-car store specialized auction. " "In fact, Prudential's new used car supermarkets is to build small used-car market." In this regard, some professionals gave away! Wang Meng Huaxiang used-car market, said: "built by the investment car prices used car stores is conducive to the development of the used car industry." Instance, in 2009, the national second-hand car trading volume of 3,400,000, of which more than 90 % The trading volume is through second-hand car market around the completion of the establishment used car stores car prices, used car market will break the deal simply transfer the function, so that more standardized operation and management of second-hand car, some new, good faith Second-hand car trading pattern will appear. Well, used car store for the current used car market will form a shock? Some professionals said that the short term will not. Around second-hand car market is currently mainly responsible for a personal vehicle ownership, accounting for cross- Easy to only three percent of the amount of used-car market a broker is to add all of the tax is now only a transfer fee, while new stores already have used car used car business, in accordance with national laws and regulations should be imposed 2% VAT, which is currently used cars car prices detrimental to the development of local operating companies. ● supermarkets and used-car market integration to In fact, the short term, second-hand car market and the used car supermarkets will be a parallel. Currently, second-hand car business used car company used car business more than 2% of the value-added tax, if the second-hand trucks Stores and used-car market does not strengthen the integration will be difficult to reflect the advantages of its own business model. Although this is a lot of car firms already have business resources, but still not set up to run the company, its brand is still the second-hand car "by the Ji means "business reasons. Beijing to buy a car, a used-car market to consumers, said second-hand car market is too small, too far to see cars, if they can experience the brand in many parts of the used car services, lack of integrity of the current used car market Is a push. The consumers said that no matter what kind of used car build stores, the same as buying a new car you buy second-hand car is needed. According to estimates in 2010, the national second-hand car trading will reach 4.2 million, while car prices accounted for the brand certified used cars 1 / 10 less than, those doomed to second-hand car company needs operating a long way to go.
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