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Owner expectations are too high frequency of second-hand car trading freeze

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November 20, No. 46 Guangzhou Daily "world car used car flea market" in the used car market widely held Chun. To celebrate the Asian Games held in Guangzhou, this special event, the Guangzhou Daily, Guang Chun special joint City used car transactions, people live together as the value of 888 yuan for the Asian Games sent out a gift package. Owner expectations are too high Car dealers Plan "abortion" Flea market held in the day, attracted 10 cars used cars free entry transactions. A best-selling Fit (configuration Gallery reputation Forum), Mondeo (configuration Gallery reputation Forum), the old section of Beverly, as well as popular King Plaza, Nissan handsome passenger Zhongshunqiche other models. However, due to odd-even rule on Reason, used cars and neither prosperous. Reporter noted, the current used car asking price admission transactions are generally high, about three years as a Fit models, on-site appraisers estimate than 4,000 yuan higher. Although the owners are confident that can be sold, but buyers ask more determined to buy less. Plan site owners selling cars, "abortion" and finally can only take it home. Chun Guang Zhou Huaping second-hand car market manager, said: "Many owners expectations are too high, leading to buy a car, though fancy cars, but the price can not 谈拢." He suggested that the seller should not be called if the rush to hand the high prices. His analysis: odd-even rule the line cause the market to reduce the flow of people, turnover is reduced, the prices naturally can not keep prices high. "Demand for cars will increase by the end of shot." "Asian Games Package" Continue to reward those who live transactions Organizers said that in the next period, that is held in mid-December the first 47 "Car World used car flea market" on the spot transaction is successful the value of the public can still get 888 yuan for the Asian Games spree, including the widely Chun special maintenance plant to provide 500 service coupons, free gifts detection time, routine testing of other discounts, insurance and half of the amount and other benefits.
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