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People have bought second-hand car or for field emission can not be settled in

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This reporter learned that, in order to strictly control vehicle emissions in Xiamen, from December 20, the field of mini passenger cars, medium-sized (or more) passenger cars and all trucks and trailers apply to transfer to Xiamen, the public security the traffic control department suspended accepted. Apply to transfer the rest of the field vehicle (including the family car) must meet the national emission standards for new vehicles stage (GB18352.3-2005, GB17691-2005, GB14762-2008) and motor vehicle type approval of environmental protection directory required before registration. Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau reminded, with the Xiamen environmental inspection and label the purposes of vehicle management, people buying second-hand car field to be more cautious, with particular attention to view vehicle emissions and, if excessive can not be settled in Xiamen. However, the local used car buying such a problem does not exist, because the local used car itself needs to apply for environmental compliance signs, used car owners do not have to re-apply. However, due to the use of second-hand cars have a longer life, more emissions, a few years is likely to be reduced as a result of unqualified and non-standard cars.
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