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Second-hand automobile market in China and Hong Kong more than 10 vehicles wer

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Porsche has been a "murderous," at least to sell two million fewer Changchun public Kang just bought a 3-month black Nissan truck parked in the used car market inside China and Hong Kong, yesterday morning discovered by the "black hands", the body has been set aside about 2.5 meters at the scene. Touch-up painting takes about two or three thousand dollars, in addition to a discount, at least to drop two or three million. Not only his car, damaged at least 10-odd vehicles, which are parked next to. A car is classified in a circle After receiving the clue, reporters rushed to the Western Ring Road in Lvyuan China and Hong Kong second-hand car market. "In the morning came to see, where to put a night to be like this." Kang said, 18 left fully intact, was found yesterday morning to plan out. Subsequently, the owners have arrived one after another, found mainly in damaged vehicles north of the market by a row of parked cars, the most serious is a Tucson, scratch off and surrounded in a circle. "Is a touch-up painting, experts can see it, you have to cut prices, at least two million it sold less." Mr. Gao is a Porsche owner, front cover of approximately 30 cm long scratch. "2007 car, intended to bid 620,000 yuan, which is cheaper to have to." Market Square to wait for the results of police investigation Damage to the owner called 110, Changchun City Public Security Bureau Luyuan District Branch of the city police station rushed to the scene automobile trade. Changchun, China and Hong Kong Deputy General Manager Cao Dianwen Motor Vehicle Market Development, said, received reflects the owner, they immediately went to the market evidence, take photos of damaged vehicles, and retrieval of video surveillance market. "Classified location filming vehicle is not very clear, can also be a corner, we have had at work." "There are two questions need to clarify, one is the time the vehicle is classified. If at night, closing time is designated, the company responsible for this situation; if trading hours in the day, which is open for business at 5:30 after, not within the company. The other is that old and new problems scratches, to be able to determine a new plan up to scratch. "Caodian Wen said the company is also awaiting the results of the police investigation.
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