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What say here " drive sitting position " , it is to show the person that the car drives operates for comfortable ground car interface and a kind of position that takes on car seat, drive the distance of the windscreen before the nose of the distance that sitting position decided to the bosom of the person that drive leaves steering wheel center, person that drive leaves head of the distance of steering wheel, person that drive. Because want to encounter all sorts of collision sexual intercourse to connect an accident in car travel process, meet those who change the person that drive drive sitting position causes all sorts of objects inside the person that drive and car to happen thereby " collide 2 times " , the person that bring about a car to drive is differred the harm of degree, accordingly, research drives sitting position, the interface that can help car architect improve a car is designed, the person that help car is used is adjusted drive sitting position, prevent needless harm.
Current, the car big national capital such as beautiful day drives in active research sitting position and its rule. According to the United States newest research achievement shows, the influence drives the main factor of sitting position includes two big fields: 1, the operation interface structure of the car. They basically are the size that points to car steering wheel, steering wheel and the distance that quicken footplate of footplate / apply the brake, dashboard of each knob decorate and the structure of car seat. 2, element of individual of the person that the car drives. The height of the person that include to drive, leg length of long, arm, drive debt of be used to is waited a moment.
According to dummy test result, the process develops in safe gasbag in, the person that drive is had close connection by the degree of harm and distance of steering wheel of distance of sitting position of the person that drive, because drive the reason of sitting position respect, in traffic accident, the person that the person that sprat female drives drives than the male of medium stature is brought about more easily cervical get hurt; After the distance of the bosom of the person when driving and steering wheel is more than 25cm, can reduce the person that drive to be mixed in the bosom in the accident significantly cervical wounded scale; The person that drive is not used especially or cannot use the drive person of safety belt correctly, and the person that the old age with the person that the female of lesser stature drives or older age drives, steering wheel of the distance when driving exceeds risk nearly more. 2 research of the United States make clear, driving the process of the car explain, photograph of the person that the person that the male drives and female drive is compared, female more apt stands by bosom steering wheel. In those sitting position too in the person that the female that stands by steering wheel drives, major (66 % ) the person is driving the bosom in the process is apart from steering wheel 23 - 25cm, this distance is the person of 17 % 20 - 23cm, additional 17 % are less than 20cm. Look from model respect, the in-house interface of the car and its structure to driving the influence of sitting position is very remarkable. It is to the distance that quickens footplate with steering wheel exemple, large car, medium-sized car and small-sized car are on average respectively 72. \ of 4cm \ 67cm 38. 6cm. Sprat woman is driving when large car, the bosom of the person that has 40 % is less than 25cm from the distance of steering wheel, and drive when them when small-sized car, this distance is less than the person that only 27 % influence 25cm.
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