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Drive smoking won't be affected drive safe.
According to investigation, traffic cause trouble person in in order to smoke person for many, the person that smoke compares the person that do not smoke to produce traffic accident much 50% . Investigation personnel analyses the cause that causes cause trouble, the driver that thinks to smoke feels cigarette in drive a vehicle, take lighter to light cigarette, look for cigarette case and mouth to hold cigarette, aerosol is before wind around dispersed attention. In addition, the nicotine that contains in cigarette and tar can use up the vitamin B12 inside human body in great quantities, and human body lacks vitamin B12, can cause eyesight abate.
A few alcohol won't be safe to driving constitute menace.
Driving after wine is one of causes that cause traffic accident, the meeting is cloggy like a few alcohol drive. Consider to discover, content of the alcohol in blood is added by 0.5 ‰ to 1 ‰ , the possibility that produces traffic accident increases 5 times. If add to 1.5 ‰ , possibility increases 6 times again.
Listen to excitant music to be able to be eliminated drive fatigue.
From the viewpoint consideration of human body engineering, vocal music can adjust the person's feeling and psychology, can make a person feel free from worry with excitement, make the person is in optimal job status thereby. However, hear excitant music to driving safety has apparent harm, rhythm should choose when driving slow, melody is light music.

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