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Operator encounters traffic accident to bump on next roads crack chin

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Yesterday towards evening, in white driveway and crossing of the road that fight a pool, motor-car of a report and minibus are handed in collision happens when collecting, by car of electric car be involved in, by bike the woman is bumped to crack chin.

Minibus driver says, at that time is green light, he is preparing left-hand rotation, a dynamoelectric Che Chong opposite side comes over, rate is very rapid, his brake not as good as dash against.

As we have learned, xiaowu of woman be bumpinged into goes to work in some communication company, just came off work when the accident come home. According to the doctor preliminary judgement, xiaowu's chin was cracked, mouth is crooked, the tooth dropped several.

Xiaowu's father says achingly, the daughter is operator, chin was cracked nowadays, period of time cannot go up class.

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