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Report rub yellower line bumps into Che Shu niece to be coiled below the wheel

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Last noon 12 when 20 minutes, in town of college of Fuzhou Fujian Hou Fudadongmen 316 countries on the road, a 39 road buses and a dynamoelectric autocycle produce collision, report rub the two people that go up are pressed below bus revolver, die early or late. It is reported, two deads are relation of niece of father's younger brother.

The spot witnesses masses to say, when the accident, dynamoelectric autocycle is from south leave toward north, still a car and dynamoelectric autocycle are the same as at that time to travel. Arrive when accident a section of a highway, dynamoelectric autocycle drives the car the car left, when surmounting a center to keep apart a line, with head on and 39 bus happening that come collide. Report rub after falling down, report rub below the revolver that two people of driver and passenger take even the person the car to be pressed in the bus.

"Sit in report rub after the little girl from the back is bumped into, still have a bit flavor, after be being held in the arms to go out by bus driver nevertheless, already did not have breath. " Mr Lin says eyewitness.

It is reported, man be bumpinged into is surnamed piece, 41 years old, it is Fujian Hou goes into the street person of sugar cane continent, the little girl on his car is his niece, this year ability is 8 years old, mentioning expressly on booklet of registered residence is a singleton female.

Current, police already got involved investigation this matter.

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