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Hearse of dash against of van of blessing silver-colored high speed

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Minibus car end is bumped into shrivelled

Yesterday morning 9 when make, an old freight car and locomotive hold a funeral procession the minibus of coffin happens trace remaining part, the personnel on place favour car got flesh wound only, but this one common traffic accident, what go up because of hearse however is special " passenger " " get hurt " and become not common.

The accident happens in sanded a section of a highway of gold of blessing silver-colored high speed. Trouble spot, van car head is slight mar, and the minibus that serves as hearse, car end is bumped into sunken one chunk, pass through damaged hind car window, can see the coffin one aspect of the matter inside the car changed form.

Mr Zhang represents the truck driver of cause trouble, car disaster happens one case before accident a section of a highway, two advocate roadblock was set on driveway, car can change lash-up lane only. When van is changing, with before car happening traces remaining part.

"Buddhist templeput on the brakes does not live car, went with respect to dash against. " Mr Zhang says, at that time is declivous, cement is fully loaded with on van, control does not stay in the car.

After tracing remaining part, mr Zhang gets off hurriedly examine, discovering what oneself bump is hearse unexpectedly. Although the staff member of 3 funeral parlour on the car got flesh wound only, but the aluminous qualitative a coffin containing a corpse that puts remains is damaged however more serious.

Those who carry the dead's family member is medium cling to the car follows at the back of hearse, see gave traffic accident, a group of person hastens from which cling to the car comes up and down.

"My mother got alarm! " see coffin is damaged, mr Chen cannot accept the dead's son temporarily, accompanied relatives also breathe out greatly " ominous " . Angry they reject to assist carry away coffin by another hearse, defending the remains of forefathers however, the station waits to handle in high speed roadside.

After accident happening, immediately of branch of road politics, policeman hurries to processing. Via talking things over with all possible means, both sides is reached with respect to compensatory problem consistent.

"Two cars trace remaining part very common, but because just be hearse among them, processing rises very let poll ache. " the staff member of road politics branch expresses, he never has encountered such traffic accident. Although the mood of Mr Chen is understandable, but anyhow, accident both sides should cooperate road politics branch, go ahead of the rest leaves high speed way, negotiate processing again, lest give liaison man,create pressure.

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