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Winter drives safety does not forget to choose vitreous water correctly

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Come as cold air, air temperature pelter, a lot of car chief commander change the first class important matter that lube and antifreeze regard conserve as to love a car. The option that whoes not to know vitreous water is likewise important. Because, of lube and antifreeze change the relation is worn car hiemal is used normally, and the choice of vitreous water concerns drive safe.
Be aimed at this problem, car conserve expert says: Compare with other conserve project phases, car windshield is cleaned is a little job really. But it drives with yours however be closely bound up of line of sight, when choosing vitreous water so, the following cannot be ignored.
Above all, seasonal glass water should have Qiu Dong to be cleaned outstandingly with prevent frostbite function. Winter glass water is what serve as a choice with prevent frostbite function is fiducial, should choose freezing point under local lowest temperature the vitreous water of 10 ℃ above. Can cause vitreous water to freeze otherwise, the problem such as breakdown of gush jug water pump. Can undertake choosing according to local temperature, the product of regular brand can differentiate with temperature a few different level, window of Great Wall car resembles on the market at present differentiate completely for - 10 ℃ , - 25 ℃ , - 30 ℃ and - the model of a few mainstreams such as 40 ℃ , can undertake choosing according to seasonal change.
According to expert introduction, the fast and slushy be in harmony that high-grade glass water has is put on the ice and prevent dazzle, defend mirage, antistatic performance safe to be used of car normally and driving special and important. Most car advocate had had such experience, that Bao Bing on the windshield after winter snow is very unmanageable cleared. Still have, as a result of the uniqueness of northward climate, driving in the center the line of sight of the person that drive gets very easily smooth reflection and mirage, electrostatic influence, to drive bring safe hidden trouble. Windshield is the 2nd eye of the person that drive, not allow to ignore. So, car advocate when buying vitreous water, the requirement chooses to have as far as possible slushy be in harmony is put on the ice and prevent dazzle quickly, prevent mirage, antistatic the product of effect.

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