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The car is in provincial frequency closes sheet is punished outside the province

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Oneself Che Zaifu builds wall of peaceful heart broadleaf plant, never had arrived provincial, but plate is recently " Fujian J00355 " vehicle of Ni Sang car advocate receive again and again however come from Yunnan Qu Jing, Guangxi the traffic of and other places of lion of stone of 100 color, Fujian violates condemnatory requisition. A few days ago, stone lion policeman held the vehicle that cover a shop sign, for the car advocate " personally " .

"11 " during the golden week, the policeman Xiaoyan that is on duty near station of city warden road discovers, the car with a model and plate and suspicion very similar car sails from lion mark direction come. Before the policeman goes up, bar this car below.

Drive of this car is Liu Mou of native of stone lion city. After the car is barred come down, liu Mou draws out car travel card and driver's license composedly to be examined to the policeman. The policeman discovers travel card of Liu Mou is falsified. Subsequently policeman and vehicle of Ni Sang car advocate connection, the car that confirms him is coulding there be right now city of heart broadleaf plant. Subsequently, the policeman brings technical staff, undertake checking carefully to the engine of this car and frame number, the data of primary vehicle record that the result discovers to its and computer are registered is complete not be identical.

It is a card not only, the policeman discovers in further investigation, the car covering a shop sign that Liu Mou drives is one discards as useless formerly car. According to relevant law provision, policeman branch grants to fine 1500 yuan to Liu somewhere, buckle 6 minutes, transfer this car concerned branch to undertake dismemberment discards as useless enforcing lawfully.

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