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Heilongjiang saves electronic policeman to punish business couplet net

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From province policeman total fleet liaison man is in know, the system that passes a month upgrades transform, at present I saved 14 policemans detachment to already opened ground of blame spot different to penalize business. Since October 1, car advocate no matter traffic of which ground city is saved to break the law in me,be caught to pat by the electron, can send the ground to conduct amerce business in nucleus of car name brand.

To come true I save road transportation to violate ground of processing system different to carry out condemnatory function, solve complete province car advocate the real situation with different ground difficult punishment, basis of province policeman total fleet " program of illegal behavior processing provides road transportation security " , saving each district city to open ground of blame spot different to penalize business completely in succession since September 1. Up to now, 14 policemans detachment already opened ground of blame spot different to penalize business, begin from October 1, car advocate can undertake different ground violates this locality to pay fine. For example: Haing city car has an electron to pay the illegal record that take in Daqing city, haing city car advocate can reach haing city the electronic police different of policeman branch is located in manage business window to accept processing, need not pay fine to Daqing city again. But if breath out city car to break the law in Daqing traffic,be caught to pat by electronic policeman, and haing city car advocate arrived peony river, in peony river criterion cannot pay fine, because this business is restricted only,nucleus of brand of motor vehicle name sends the management department of transportation of public security mechanism of the ground.

As we have learned, after policeman branch opens this business to gain rich experience, still will saving group of policeman of each county area to open this business completely.

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