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The Ministry of Public Security unscrambles motor vehicle to invent free name br

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To partial individuation plate have car a group of things with common features for, on October 1, your dream can not come true definitely. At the appointed time, the Ministry of Public Security releases " motor vehicle registers a regulation " will carry out formally, be called according to this " 102 order " new rule, motor vehicle everybody can weave according to relevant provision name of motor vehicle number is piled up by oneself.

Make up free name brand to a few days design cycle oneself

This new those who revise " motor vehicle registers a regulation " regulation, number of brand of motor vehicle name has two kinds to choose way, motor vehicle everybody but optional a kind:

One kind is to pass the computer to make public automatic choice, 1 is chosen in can coming be piled up less from 5 number name, motor vehicle everybody chooses Bi Ke to get date card on the spot; Another kind is the brand of motor vehicle name that makes according to each district by motor vehicle everybody encode regulation weaves by oneself affirmatory, the name brand number that wants make choice of only does not have a person to use before, can use by oneself, name brand cost of production is changeless.

"Differ according to each district circumstance, weave by oneself it is OK to pick name undertake inside place of registration of vehicles, also can weave through Internet affirmatory, use what make up the name brand of free means to have a few days oneself to design cycle, before motor vehicle everybody can choose proper motion, go to appoint a place to get or obtain through the form that mail. " Li Jiangping of deputy director general of management board of traffic of the Ministry of Public Security says.

Beijing has brand of nearly 1 million pairs of name to offer an alternative

Although national regulation just comes on stage, but before making up free name brand to be in early actually a few years oneself, begin to be in each district is pilot.

Li Jiangping says, weave by oneself choose number of brand of motor vehicle name to want to accord with what standard of brand of motor vehicle name sets to weave above all requirement, namely the Chinese character of name brand and the first letter are dealing mechanism code name (the code name) of the mechanism that register, hind 5 each can be a number, also can be a letter, but can use 2 English letter at most.

In particular operation, each province (area, city) need according to circumstance of resource of brand of this locality name and practical government, below the premise that accords with a standard, set weaves regulation is woven by masses proper motion specificly.

"Be like Beijing, allow 5 to be made up oneself, brand of nearly 1 million pairs of name is chosen for masses, but also have specific provision to the combination of letter and number at the same time. " Li Jiangping expresses.

Much equipment a few " wait for pick name "

Masses of clew of management board of traffic of the Ministry of Public Security, before choose, it is to should understand place to weave specificly regular, select and edit inside regular limits; 2 it is to prepare a few each more oneself is favorite " wait for pick name " , choose from time to tome many choices opportunity, and can economic choose time; 3 it is the name brand number that offers an alternative natural resources is very sufficient, the proposal is not in carry out be in charge of place to deal with to the car centrally in the firty few days; 4 it is the number that chooses to have commemorative sense to oneself, not too chase after centrally blindly hold in both hands so called " beautiful date " , " lucky date " .
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