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The price that check a ticket is a bit random

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"Drive example market to have some of chaos really now, some drives school C ticket to receive 1000 yuan, return 9229 yuan some receiving, tall is 9449 yuan, have more very person made the ad that accepts 800 yuan only. Actually this has a lot of knack among them, ' low ' it is at present some are driven school an idea that solicits source of student, the market that drive train needs further processing, conformity. " 10 days, the Changchun area that holds in double in relief area drives communication of example work experience to be able to go up, a relevant personage tells bureau of traffic of the Changchun City the reporter so.
"Low " be not is final price
As we have learned, of area of current and whole Changchun drive school in respect of collection student charge far apart, it is with C ticket exemple, some driving school dozen the ad that gave 800 yuan or checks a ticket 1000 yuan. To such price, the personage inside course of study tells a reporter, this price to driving sustain losses in business for school, everybody won't do the business that sustain losses in business, the fund that receive just signs up less to draw student, once went to such driving school, by " set " lived, subsequently and those who come is to drive the personnel inside school to persuade you to hand in a series of earthing up by accident example cost, exam cost, if be not handed in, drive school square can late the imperial sword is not taken an examination of about to you, the in about a year after causing student to sign up cannot to take an examination.
"Actually, this is to belong to the sort of using soft knife-a way of harming people imperceptibly ' force ' the person's method. Everybody can be on the way that makes money slowly. Otherwise, can change again only drive school, wasted a lot of time to student in that way. " some carry is in charge of a staff member to tell a reporter.
Somebody has calculated brushstroke Zhang, jialaijia goes to these money, much person -10661 yuan, little person also want 1800 yuan. Differ with the fee that pays at first very far.
Drive school student to want to establish record
10 days 11 when make, the town that enters experience communication to meet, county (area) area of leader of department of canal of two class carry, Changchun is driven each what chief is located in Shuang Yang area related school is flourishing drive school of Jiao Shuangyang cent. Wang Shaoping of assistant director of institute of canal of carry of double in relief area introduced the advanced type experience here.
In flourishing drive Jiao Shuangyang inside cent school, establish the student that has a standard and record of the member that teach a lesson, no matter be student or trainer, situation of their the first situation in involving process of driver's license exam has detailed account, such facilitating use, search and put on record.
Drive the paste on the wall inside school to wear circumstance of the task of outline of rate, exam, trainer that finish, so that come round,the student that sign up understands the flow here in the round, implementation collects fees, exam vitrification.
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