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Jilin comes be open to traffic of the highway that delay auspicious

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28 days, jilin comes be open to traffic of the highway that delay auspicious! From now on, reach city of Yan Ji of metropolis of autonomous prefecture of the Chaoxian nationality that extend a limit from provincial capital Changchun, time of drive a vehicle needs 4 half hours only, with photograph comparing is managing before nearly 3 hours; From now on, jilin the eastpart part inserts the wing that went up to fly, welcome the opportunity that expands greatly again! The leader such as Han Changfu of Wang Min of secretary of provincial Party committee, governor attended the ceremony of be open to traffic yesterday, it is cut the ribbon at an opening ceremony of be open to traffic.

For Jilin province development is inserted on fly wing

"This is the drive that a stimulative Jilin promotes development " , " this is a scenery line that shows good Jilin " , " this is a big channel that enlarges Jilin to open to the outside world " , governor Han Changfu describes the Jiyan freeway after debutting so, happy situation is in overtones.

After auspicious engages freeway building have transport service, as national freeway network Hui spring comes Wu Lanhao is special one of the freeway, city of join Jilin city, flood dragon river, honest changes the city, county that bring a figure, city that delay auspicious, plan people city, area of the eastpart part of perforative and whole Jilin. It will be developed fore-and-aft and radiative, transverse the highway that drive is pulled touch effect, pull in order to invest move bring capital gains, drive content shedding, stream of people with wagon flow, to society of economy of Jilin the eastpart part development will have main effect and produce major effect.

After auspicious engages freeway building have transport service, will mix with its favorable traffic environment shorten spatio-temporal distance, raise the carriage ability, character that reduces carriage cost, for " long Ji Tu opens cooperative area " provide fast, safe, easy highway communication condition, promote the traffic inside area quickly to carry systematic function and efficiency thereby, enhance the convenience sex that area inside and outside contacts, become the main motive force that society of economy of region of graph length auspicious expands. The green produce base that delays autonomous prefecture of edge the Chaoxian nationality to be given priority to in order to install graph, long Bai Shan, Yan Ji, change with honest, the medical production base that Yan Ji gives priority to and petro-chemical base, also will welcome the opportunity that flies again.

Jiyan freeway is " macrobian road "

Jilin comes the freeway that delay auspicious, it is complete province " 915 " the major project of the plan and construction. This freeway builds be open to traffic, it is this year after afterwards grows be open to navigation or air traffic of airport of be open to traffic of double smoke railroad, long white hill, I save traffic to build another significant gain. Jiyan freeway is a country " 5 vertical 7 horizontal strokes " line of national path main force -- with Jiang Zhisan inferior mainstay line Changchun comes the main a section of a highway of Hui spring branch line, it is country and project of construction of Jilin province key. It rises to be pressed down from Jilin city Jiang Mifeng, to Jiang Mifeng with Jilin freeway terminus connects, river of classics flood dragon, honest is changed, install the county such as the graph (city) , arrive at course terminus to delay auspicious city, come with Yan Ji graph people the freeway is conterminous. The course is full-length 284.7 kilometers, it is current provincial the longest in already building a highway. The project always invests 9.5 billion yuan. Project only then built in October 2003, all fronts complete in September 2008, last a period of time 5 years. Have in road big in the bridge 51, channel 5, each other opens 9 office, depart stands fall 31 point, crossover division of 181 place, service 6 place. The course spans river of the Songhua River, peony, graph people river 3 large drainage area, pass through the high mountain ridges such as lord mountain, power tiger mountain. In building a course, auspicious delays a freeway to implement concept of cost of whole life cycle, make macrobian and durable way, in provincial add road surface by 15 centimeters of in the past first thick go to 25 centimeters, this will raise the performance characteristics of road surface greatly, increase the comfortable sex of drive a vehicle and security, delay time limit is repaired in be brought up, reduce environmental pollution, save maintenance fund, reduce conserve cost, macrobian and durable.
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