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Mist day how drive a vehicle

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Car of He Hang of mist Tian Yingru:

● sees day drive a vehicle

Advertent weather changes, whether does the decision drive going out is principal all right. The media such as broadcasting station, newspaper can sow a newspaper everyday newest weather news, the proposal does not drive in soup a travel, especially far road; Solid belong to essential condition to fall, ready-made works. Course of program good drive a vehicle, choose familiar a section of a highway, reduce the risk of go wrong.

  ● lamplight is " eye "

When drive a vehicle, want to abide by lamplight to use a provision, turn on around fog lamp, tail lamp, show wide lamp and dipped headlight, use lamplight to increase visibility. Those who need special attention is, mist day drive a vehicle does not use headlights on full beam, the beam that shoots because of headlights on full beam is light by mirage diffuse reflection, influence line of sight. The light that the xenon gas headlight with driver familiar place gives out shows blue white, below the circumstance that be not mist, have bright characteristic, but smooth block produces easily in mist day, go against observation road condition. Until the last moment, do not open double flashlight, often make from the back the driver is not clear in front the intent of car.

If discover ahead car berth is in right, cannot blind and circuitous, whether should waiting considering this car let on come car. When the car that surmounts roadside park, should in the intention that affirms its did not start on do not have again come after the car, timely cry horn, bypass from left low speed.

In ● travel little and line

Decrease as far as possible and line, had better go with the car, and with before the car maintains a distance, control speed. Rely on intermediate travel as far as possible, the barrel-drain that falls not carefully into road side in case perhaps jockeys temporarily with roadside the car barge against that awaits mist to come loose. In travel process, notice to observe road surface even whether frozen, frost, below circumstance of ice, frost, road surface lunt is heavy, cause car easily to skid.

Must maintain around windscreen cleanness, can prepare at the same place towel wipes windscreen glass. Enable defrost demist processing, choose proper wind direction sending wind. Start compressor when necessary, circulate inside open.

In traffic crossing, press a horn frequently to be able to rise to warn the action of pedestrian and other vehicle. When the trumpet that hears other vehicle, ought to cry immediately flute response, clew gives seat of his drive a vehicle. Two cars are handed in attention of the car opposite side should remind by the horn when the meeting, shut at the same time prevent fog lamp, lest create dazzle eye sense to the other side.
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